Sunday, April 15, 2007


It's quite warm.

Hi, I hope you have a good weekend!

My school has already started, and I have a lot to do.
In this weekend, I prepare some materials for English classes.
I'm busy but it's very enjoyable! Because even I can learn English through this work.
Teaching is interesting, enjoyable job,
and I'm very happy to work as an English teacher now.

These days, I'm interested in vocabulary building.
I'm an instructor in school, but my vocabulary isn't enough! It's poor...
So I sometimes struggle in reading magazines, newspapers, and novels.
I'd like to have more fluency in using English!

I research some books or leaning systems of voca-buil in amazon, mixi, etc..
Then I picked up two methods. I'll introduce them now.
1. "Instant Word Power"

This book is very interesting for me!
Tell you the truth, I don't like any English voca-buil books published in Japan.. because it's so boring.
But.. this book is totally different from Japanese one.
It contains a lot of information about Latin and Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes.
They are closely related to meanings of words. I can enjoy reading them.
I recommend this book for Yote-san! (If you've already read it , I'm sorry..^^;

2. "I know!"
It's a English learning aplication for Japanese. I think it's quite easy and interesting! It's like a computer game.
We can select the course level and practice words again and again.
Now I'm working on one of the courses. I recommend it for people like PC and internet, or video games!

Please try them if you can. I hope you like them!

By the way, hey it's very very warm in Tokyo!
Yesterday I went out with one of my students to attend the meeting of our club activity.
We felt really hot.. like early summer.
After the meeting, we had a coffee break and talked a lot.
She is interested in shrines, temples and other Japanese old things. I think it's very good!
I found her new aspect. We had a good time.

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