Wednesday, January 25, 2006


My dream comes true!

Hi, friends.

I have a good news about me today!
I've got a job! I'm going to work as an English teacher at a highschool in Tokyo from this spring.
I've really wanted to be a teacher, so now I'm very very happy!!

Actually, I'd like to improve my English ability more, and continue the work related to English all my life.
Parhaps I'll decide to study abroad or work on my own subjects about English in the master course.
Becoming English teacher is my start line. I'd like to study a lot of techniques of English Language Education, and find out original topic about it.
I want to make the best use of this splendid chance.

I also want to develop the class that enables my students to find English interesting.
As I like English, I've study English since I was only a little child.
I think that feelings of liking English become strong motives for studying English.

Anyway, I'll keep working!

Thursday, January 19, 2006



Oh, I have no time...

Now I'm working on the term paper. Deadline is tomorrow!
I research and write about American literature in 19th century, Especially about R.W. Emerson and E. Dickinson.

I hope I'll be finished this by tomorrow morning...



Hi everyone! I'm Mamy. Nice to meet you!

I like to communicate in English, and have studied English for several years.
Now I decide to write my diary in English to improve my writing skill.

I'll be happy if you advise me how to write in English.
Please contact me without constraint.

Now I'd like to write first article...

I'm going to graduate the university in this spring, and I've been invited a graduation celebrating party held by my junior friends next mounth.(It's different from the graduation ceremony.)
So I chose a pretty dress for the party a week ago.

But... I've gained weight these days. I have to reduce my weight a little by next month.
I'll go on a diet!!

For this purpose, I bought some healty food yesterday.
I bought Japanese "Moromi-su", kind of vinegar and tried some.
It tasted really good! I like it very much.

Thanks to this drink, I think I'll be able to continue the diet. I'll try my best!

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