Wednesday, January 25, 2006


My dream comes true!

Hi, friends.

I have a good news about me today!
I've got a job! I'm going to work as an English teacher at a highschool in Tokyo from this spring.
I've really wanted to be a teacher, so now I'm very very happy!!

Actually, I'd like to improve my English ability more, and continue the work related to English all my life.
Parhaps I'll decide to study abroad or work on my own subjects about English in the master course.
Becoming English teacher is my start line. I'd like to study a lot of techniques of English Language Education, and find out original topic about it.
I want to make the best use of this splendid chance.

I also want to develop the class that enables my students to find English interesting.
As I like English, I've study English since I was only a little child.
I think that feelings of liking English become strong motives for studying English.

Anyway, I'll keep working!

I really respect you!

Your ambition is never disappered! I got inspired by your pashionate attitude to education!

I'm sure you'll be a great teacher!
Thank you, Kazunori!

I'd like to find my original way of English education through teaching.

...And I'm also impressed a lot by your challenging spirit!
Hey MAMY, congratulations on your achievement!!I'm so happy for you!
Girl, it's really cool cuz you are the first friend of mine who became an english teacher(at high!
I'm sure you are so excited about it and I gurantee you that you'll be an awesome teacher!
Keep it up and all the best!
Thanks, ayano!!
Yeah, I'm still excited!
I'll study more and more to create an efficient and interesting class.
It's also a big chance to improve my English.

To be honest, I really want to study abroad. I'll keep making efforts!
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