Sunday, April 15, 2007


It's quite warm.

Hi, I hope you have a good weekend!

My school has already started, and I have a lot to do.
In this weekend, I prepare some materials for English classes.
I'm busy but it's very enjoyable! Because even I can learn English through this work.
Teaching is interesting, enjoyable job,
and I'm very happy to work as an English teacher now.

These days, I'm interested in vocabulary building.
I'm an instructor in school, but my vocabulary isn't enough! It's poor...
So I sometimes struggle in reading magazines, newspapers, and novels.
I'd like to have more fluency in using English!

I research some books or leaning systems of voca-buil in amazon, mixi, etc..
Then I picked up two methods. I'll introduce them now.
1. "Instant Word Power"

This book is very interesting for me!
Tell you the truth, I don't like any English voca-buil books published in Japan.. because it's so boring.
But.. this book is totally different from Japanese one.
It contains a lot of information about Latin and Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes.
They are closely related to meanings of words. I can enjoy reading them.
I recommend this book for Yote-san! (If you've already read it , I'm sorry..^^;

2. "I know!"
It's a English learning aplication for Japanese. I think it's quite easy and interesting! It's like a computer game.
We can select the course level and practice words again and again.
Now I'm working on one of the courses. I recommend it for people like PC and internet, or video games!

Please try them if you can. I hope you like them!

By the way, hey it's very very warm in Tokyo!
Yesterday I went out with one of my students to attend the meeting of our club activity.
We felt really hot.. like early summer.
After the meeting, we had a coffee break and talked a lot.
She is interested in shrines, temples and other Japanese old things. I think it's very good!
I found her new aspect. We had a good time.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Spring has come..

But it's a little cold these days.. isn't it?

I've caught a cold..I have sore throat.
I think it's because we drank and talked a lot all night yesterday.. haha

Then, I have an English lesson today, but both my teacher and I have cold now!!
So we postponed it to Tuesday evening. We need some sleep and rest.
Well.. mine isn't so bad, but his seems terrible. I hope he gets better by Tuesday.

Hmm.. still I feel not good. I'll sleep a little..

Monday, March 12, 2007


When I was a child..

I had an English lesson on last Saturday.
I usually have a lesson on Sundays, but I had to go to work last Sunday,
and my teacher James had a work yesterday.. So we decided to have a lesson on Saturday evening.
We went to NEWS DELI near Shinjuku station, and talked a lot above delicious dinner.

In the lesson, we talked about our family. He and I are both the youngest in our family.
The youngest brother or sister are often said to be spoiled by their family or relatives.
We talked about that for a while.
James said that there was a difference between his and his older sister's curfew.
So his sister often said to him, "Your curfew is so late. You are spoiled a lot!!"
About me... I was spoiled a little..?
My father was a little strict, but he moved around Japan and wasn't at home.
So my mother allowed me to do anything I wanted to, for example, running club and softball club activity, students council activity, playing the piano, and so on.
Thanks for my mother, I really enjoyed these things.
Umm.. that's a little different from "to be spoiled"..

Ah! I cannot eat any pickles from my childhood. Nobody forced me to eat them.
At this point, I was spoiled. But I can't!! Please forgive me!

Monday, February 19, 2007


A bad week..

Hey dear, please listen.
Last week was the worst week ever.. because I had a very bad cold!

On Thursday morning, I had a strong stomachache.
But I tried to go to my office, so I took the train.

..But, situation was worse than I expected. In the train, I become to felt really bad, and I couldn't stand anymore!
I rushed getting off the train and went to the washroom at the station..
So I couldn't reach my office. Oh...
And since then, I couldn't eat anything except soup..

Now, I'm O.K. Please be careful about such kind of cold!!

Friday, February 09, 2007



Now, I'm planning to take STEP test in June.
So after the work I study English, especially vocaburary, at some Cafe.

I'm working on the textbook of the 1st grade, but it's really tough..
Please help me!! All the words are new to me..><

So, I'll write them down here everyday and try to memorize as many as I can.

1. adjourn / close a meeting
2. amass / collect or pile up something
3. ascribe / find the reason for something
4. audit / check or inspect
5. bolster / support
6. comply / obey someone or something
7. curtail / cut or save money or product
8. delegate / hand over to someone
9. denounce / criticize
10. detest / hate strongly

These are my original explanation of each word.
If you find any mistakes, please tell me and correct them!

Well, tomorrow is our school sports festival! I'll enjoy it^^

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Long time no see!

Hello, happy new year, and so on..
I'm back again.

It's so warm here in Tokyo this winter. I don't use Kotatsu now. Is it OK?
I worry about this strange weather these days.

Here's a small news about me today.
I decided to take English speaking lessons by the man from England.
I can learn reading, grammar, and listening by myself. But I can't improve my speaking skill alone.
So, I'd like to take lessons and talk a lot in English.

Today, I had a free lesson with him.
He said, " You talked in English well, but a little formal. You'll improve if you master the way of talking.. pause, rhythm, and casual expressions."
We'll have lessons at a cafe, park, and anywhere I like! It's very attractive system for me.
He advised me to use movie scripts to learning casual and natural conversations.
I'd like to enjoy lessons and brush up my English speaking!

This year, I have two resolutions!
1. I'd like to pass the Pre-First grade of STEP English test.
2. I'll save money... my goal is 1 million yen!!
After that, I'll prepare to study and work abroad.. Maybe a few years later?

Anyway, I'll keep working in English for myself and students.

See you then!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006



Hello, what's up?

I've been pretty busy, because our school is in a test week now.
Of course, I've already created some exam papers for my dear students!
I'd like them to love these papers.. ^^

Today, I met my old friend in Odaiba! She's been studying in the US for more than 3 years.
Now she has some holidays and back to Japan.
We talked about a lot of things... from our old school days to recent days. We had a very good time!

Well, I really respect you, Ayano. After I talked with you, I become to think I have to keep working more on English and my teaching job!

I was glad to talk with you today. Have good holidays!

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