Sunday, January 28, 2007


Long time no see!

Hello, happy new year, and so on..
I'm back again.

It's so warm here in Tokyo this winter. I don't use Kotatsu now. Is it OK?
I worry about this strange weather these days.

Here's a small news about me today.
I decided to take English speaking lessons by the man from England.
I can learn reading, grammar, and listening by myself. But I can't improve my speaking skill alone.
So, I'd like to take lessons and talk a lot in English.

Today, I had a free lesson with him.
He said, " You talked in English well, but a little formal. You'll improve if you master the way of talking.. pause, rhythm, and casual expressions."
We'll have lessons at a cafe, park, and anywhere I like! It's very attractive system for me.
He advised me to use movie scripts to learning casual and natural conversations.
I'd like to enjoy lessons and brush up my English speaking!

This year, I have two resolutions!
1. I'd like to pass the Pre-First grade of STEP English test.
2. I'll save money... my goal is 1 million yen!!
After that, I'll prepare to study and work abroad.. Maybe a few years later?

Anyway, I'll keep working in English for myself and students.

See you then!

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