Monday, March 12, 2007


When I was a child..

I had an English lesson on last Saturday.
I usually have a lesson on Sundays, but I had to go to work last Sunday,
and my teacher James had a work yesterday.. So we decided to have a lesson on Saturday evening.
We went to NEWS DELI near Shinjuku station, and talked a lot above delicious dinner.

In the lesson, we talked about our family. He and I are both the youngest in our family.
The youngest brother or sister are often said to be spoiled by their family or relatives.
We talked about that for a while.
James said that there was a difference between his and his older sister's curfew.
So his sister often said to him, "Your curfew is so late. You are spoiled a lot!!"
About me... I was spoiled a little..?
My father was a little strict, but he moved around Japan and wasn't at home.
So my mother allowed me to do anything I wanted to, for example, running club and softball club activity, students council activity, playing the piano, and so on.
Thanks for my mother, I really enjoyed these things.
Umm.. that's a little different from "to be spoiled"..

Ah! I cannot eat any pickles from my childhood. Nobody forced me to eat them.
At this point, I was spoiled. But I can't!! Please forgive me!

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