Friday, February 09, 2007



Now, I'm planning to take STEP test in June.
So after the work I study English, especially vocaburary, at some Cafe.

I'm working on the textbook of the 1st grade, but it's really tough..
Please help me!! All the words are new to me..><

So, I'll write them down here everyday and try to memorize as many as I can.

1. adjourn / close a meeting
2. amass / collect or pile up something
3. ascribe / find the reason for something
4. audit / check or inspect
5. bolster / support
6. comply / obey someone or something
7. curtail / cut or save money or product
8. delegate / hand over to someone
9. denounce / criticize
10. detest / hate strongly

These are my original explanation of each word.
If you find any mistakes, please tell me and correct them!

Well, tomorrow is our school sports festival! I'll enjoy it^^

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