Thursday, January 19, 2006



Oh, I have no time...

Now I'm working on the term paper. Deadline is tomorrow!
I research and write about American literature in 19th century, Especially about R.W. Emerson and E. Dickinson.

I hope I'll be finished this by tomorrow morning...

Congratuation for starting weblog in English!

I can't advise your diary with confidence, but I'll sometimes contribute comments. Let's link our weblogs!

Well, 'Ganbattekudasai' on your tough tasks! I'll study statistics and French for the final exams, too!
Hello, Kazunori. Thank you for your comment!

I could finished the paper on time. It was very tough...
Good luck in your exams!

I'd like to link our weblogs with preasure! I'll visit you later.
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