Saturday, May 27, 2006


I'm back!

Long, long, long time no see!

Yes, I went to Kyoto, but I feel as if I went there long long time ago..

Now, I work as an English teacher in a private school in Tokyo.
It's a girls' school, and very strict!!
Everyday, I tell students about their hair style, the ribbon, the length of their skirt...and so on.
Ahh, I'm bored about that^^;

Of course, I teach English there!
Tell you the truth, students think English as some difficult thing..
I'd like them to be familiar with English first.
So we listen some English songs at the begining of classes!
It's a lot of fun, at least for me..

Anyway, I'm fine. And everyday is new to me in this school!

Yeah! I haven't seen you for a long time in this diary. 笑

I think your method of teaching English is so good! In my junior high and high schools, teachers use CDs of English songs, for example the Beatles, Aerosmith, Madonna...

Your ability is certainly developing drastically in the tough conditions, and you seem to be full of life!

Thank you!

...And, I'm so sorry to be late again..^^;

Today, I borrowed some CDs for classes from TSUTAYA.
I've spent a lot of money on CDs recently.. but it's OK!

I'd like to create more interesting classes for my dear students.

Thanks again for your encouragement! I'll try my best!!
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