Monday, February 19, 2007


A bad week..

Hey dear, please listen.
Last week was the worst week ever.. because I had a very bad cold!

On Thursday morning, I had a strong stomachache.
But I tried to go to my office, so I took the train.

..But, situation was worse than I expected. In the train, I become to felt really bad, and I couldn't stand anymore!
I rushed getting off the train and went to the washroom at the station..
So I couldn't reach my office. Oh...
And since then, I couldn't eat anything except soup..

Now, I'm O.K. Please be careful about such kind of cold!!

Oh, that's too bad!
But I'm glad to hear about your condition now.
It is still cold in Ibaraki, so I think Spring come soon.
Thanks! And I'm very sorry to reply soooooo late..

It becomes warmer and warmer in Tokyo.
Spring is coming..Time goes so quickly!!
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